Yoga philosophy deepens our understanding of life and gives a profound understanding of who we are.

I have been teaching for over 30 years and have trained with the Sivananda and Jyoti Schools of Yoga. I am registered with Yoga Alliance International – European Division.

I was first introduced to yoga at a young age by my mother who regularly practiced yoga at home. My relationship with yoga has deepened over the years and has gone from strength to strength and continues to do so.

Yoga is a path from the physical to the spiritual and every stage of the journey brings benefits that are quite magical.

I believe that yoga holds the answers to a happy and joyful life on all levels. It deepens our understanding of others and gives a way to know ourselves.

Yoga means to unite or join together. We tend to think of body, mind and spirit as separate entities but they are all connected. What we do with the body, affects the mind and vice versa. Through yoga we experience a wholeness of being which is beyond the physical. You will find that after attending even just a few classes how your health improves and you become happier.


It increases muscle flexibility, strength and range of movement. Many joint, back and spine problems can be improved, if not fixed completely through asana and pranayama.

It improves the functions of the vital organs and all the bodily systems. It especially improves the function of the heart and lungs. It balances the nervous system giving a sense of wellbeing, relieves stress and stress related conditions. We learn how to relax properly and create mental calmness and inner peace no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Yoga differs from other forms of exercise because of its emphasis on the breath.

Most people do not breathe properly which impairs physical and mental health. Yogic breathing (pranayama) and breath awareness during postures is both energising and relaxing.

The yogis of ancient times discovered how the breath is related to Prana or our life force. Pranayama accumulates prana in the body and directs it to wherever it is needed most with a healing effect. When the breath is calm the mind is calm.